Loom built on standard frame of graded heavy duty casting, all breasing members of casting with smooth machined breast bearn surface, with single top rail to withstand vibration and shocks.

Crankshaft forged out of 50mm, Tappet shaftr of 44.45mm, Picking shaft of 42 mm steel rough bar

The crank wheel, Tappet , Picking plates, Picking boss, Picking bowl bkt, and many important parts supplied in spheroid grey iron casting.

Heavy Duty ball bearing self-lubricating bushes for crand shaft, Tappet shaft, Slay Treadle levethat eliminate frequent frequent oiling.

Hob-cut helical gears to give smooth and noiseless workingh & uniform quality of fabrics.

Held shaft with heavy duty ball bearing.

Treadle lever bowl of high density nylon with balo bearingh.

Picking’s 7 wheel take up motion with all machined cut gears and pinion & ratchet wheel with slip catch system .

Slay made out of seasoned wood, all c.iparts machined in close tolearance & polished surface, sley to suit 18 swell, Stop rod &Duck bill h itters of S.G.castings

Side weft fork system to sto the loom on weft break.

Weigh & weigh lever arrangement let off motion for beam withoput beam pipe.

Back rest of two bars with nylon bushes design and eccentric on crank shaft.

Beam pipe flange up to 26″can be used.


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