Rugged Construction: Extra rigid structure,Accurate specially forged crank shaft mounted on heavy duty ball bearings gives smooth vibration free working. Lower power consumption.

Predetermined Stopping Mechanism: Due to predetermined stopping mechanism, loom stop each time at the back centre (180°). It facilitates in changing of shuttles faster, resulting in higher efficiency. Also, there will be no possibilities of starting mark after changing shuttles & restarting of the machines.

Best Quality Weaving: Due to specially designed soft picking system, the woven fabric has a beautiful texture with stable wefts and there will be no blemishes on the woven fabric.

Lower Running Cost: As all the parts are manufactured with proper care and with suitable composition of castings, steels, bronze metal etc. Minimizes maintenance.

Two or More Width Fabric: Facility for cutter assembly with leno, yarn bobbin stand to get two or more width of fabric on wider width loom.

Simple Operation, No need of Skill: The simple push button system with electromagnetic, Brake Motor doesn’t require any skill of operator. All the Driving /Start, Stop, One Pick, Inching is controlled by just one touch of Push Button, Latest Microprocessor Technology is used for weft & warp breakage and beam over tension stoppage.

Parts information

LEFT : A separate R.S. type let-off on Maruti gives uniform warp tension till finish of the beam. Both the back rest roller can be adjusted vertically & horizontally. It meets the requirement of various fabric.
LATTICE : To adjustment the longer weft pattern our Maruti is design with reversing lattice motion
ZAMA BUFFER : To absorb the picking stroke ZAMA buffer are given on both sides of the loom which will increase the life of picker picking stick & shuttle.
CENTER CUTTER : This is specially designed to get two or three different width fabric on roll. The cutter is very simple & can be adjusted throughout in width. Specially usable in wider width looms.
TAKE-UP : A very simple intermittent coth take-up with weft density up to 140 Picks/inch.
CONTROL BOX : Microprocessor based control panel for quick control and monitoring.

  • Monitor the warp break via electrical warp stop motion.
  • Monitor the weft stop.
  • Monitor the warp stop in front area of healed shafts via infra red projector & director sensor.
  • Monitor the empty shuttle by optical sensor.
  • Predetermined stopping.
  • Pick counter.
  • RPM Indicator.

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