Technical specifications

DROP BOX : Single shuttle or 2 x 1 or 4 x 1 Drop Box
Reed Space: 45″, 56: and 64″
DRIVE : 1 HP 720 RMP loom motor. Electro Magnatic Brake.
PICKING : Underpick.
SHEDDING : Either by Tappets or by Cam Dobby with reversible motion.
WEFT STOP : Side Welf Fork.
REED : Fast Reed
WARP LET OFF : Two warp beams with automatic positive let off.
PILE LET OFF : Pile beams mounted on top pf the stand. Uniform let off with the desired proportional length of pile is achieved with worm.
TAKE UP : Continues Take UP, upper and lower cloth are separately taken up by two needle rollers covered with emery. By changing pick wheels, the desired number of picks can be given. Final winding of fabrics on two cloth rolls with the help of retchets.
SHUTTLE SIZE : Upto 31 mm X 41 mm X 390 mm with up to 9″ Long Pirn
SPEED : 100 to 150 P.M.P.
LUBRICATION : Oil Bath types or optional central lubrication system.

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